Bountiful Bali

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If you are feeling tired, overwhelmed, and in dire need of a holiday, but can’t decide on a destination, how about Bali? The Indonesian island is what holidaymakers’ dreams are made of. It has everything you could possibly want or need, whether you prefer a lazy or an active holiday. Fascinating sightseeing, heavenly beaches, unspoiled nature, exotic cuisine, a whole range of activities and world class yoga – those are the highlights of Bali. As Elizabeth Gilbert once said – eat, pray, love – indeed! Here are just some of the ways to enjoy Bali.

Beautiful nature


One of Bali’s defining features is its incredible natural world. It would be practically impossible to choose the most beautiful beach. The sand and the sea that skirt the island provide plenty of gorgeous spots, whether you want to swim and sunbathe, or engage in one of the numerous beach activities on offer. Diving in the crystal-clear waters is one of the main local attractions, and surfers from all around the world visit Bali for the perfect waves. The lush rainforest that gives the landscape its rich green color, abounds in wildlife. If you like trekking more, you’ve come to the right place. Even the man-made landscape is beautiful in Bali: the terraced rice fields offer some stunning views.

Great sights


If you thought Bali was just a tropical paradise, perfect for swimming and getting a tan, but not much else – you were wrong. Due to its rich history and deep spiritual roots, the island has a lot to offer when it comes to sightseeing. Avid divers and history buffs shouldn’t miss the wreckage of the USS Liberty, once the US Army ship torpedoed by the Japanese in WWII – now one of the best diving wreckages in the world. If you are not much of a diver, how about the former royal palace of Tirta Gangga? The water palace is an intricate labyrinth of fountains and pools, among the emerald gardens. The island also has a number of temples. Tanah Lot is just one of the stand outs. Located near Denpasar, this temple stands on a jagged piece of rock jutting out into the sea. Shaped by the waves, yet defying them, the sight is sure to impress you and stir some deep thoughts.

Yoga as a way of life


In Bali, the spiritual is an integral part of life. Nothing soothes the soul like yoga and meditation at sunrise, on one of the stunning local beaches. Enrich your inner world by visiting Uluwatu Temple, one of the pillars of Balinese spirituality, perched high up on a cliff above the sea. Transform your body and soul by practicing yoga – or even aim for a career change with Bali yoga teacher training. Pamper yourself with massages, detox programs, and cleanses.

A gift for your palate


The amazing blend of aromas and tastes that is typically Balinese will leave you breathless. The island abounds in fresh, top quality ingredients. The rich cuisine mixes techniques, ingredients and traditions of the region with a uniquely Balinese touch. The night markets and food stands offer many local delicacies for extremely low prices. Whether it’s the stuffed duck, a spit-roasted pig, the local version of meat on a stick, or one of the many rice dishes – it’s worth a try. Another high point that you surely don’t want to miss is coffee. A cup of joe in Bali is a heavenly experience. The island is one of the few locations where you can try authentic civet coffee (kopi luwak). The most expensive coffee in the world owes its unique taste to the fact that it passed through the digestive system of a civet – a cute cat-like creature.

If there is a heaven on earth, its name is Bali. The friendly people will cheer you up and the lovely views will bring you tranquility. Just remember, when you visit, to clear your mind, open your heart and allow yourself to find inner peace.

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