How to Ruthlessly Edit Your Photos

Some great advice for travel bloggers.

Leni Johnston

I’m sure most of you experienced the epic slide show when you were younger. A relative would come back from a trip abroad and want to share ALL of their images with you. The number of slide trays determined what you were in for. This event usually happened after dinner. Most of us would silently nap in the darkened living room. I have no objections to seeing travel images but just like watching a movie, images should be edited to tell a story or stories from the trip. Each image should be lingered over, not glossed over. Quantity does not equate to quality.

Editing images is a skill most people don’t take time to learn. It’s even more of an issue in this digital camera age where it doesn’t cost us anything to take picture after picture. How many times have you seen a friend post 40 plus images of…

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